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Saturday, 23 July 2011

stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

hehe rase mcm nak join GA nie cz hadiah2 nyer sgt6 menarik! =) jom kwn2,join sama2!! =)

Syarat2 penyertaan nie...WAJIB BACA! >.<
How to participate? It's easy! Follow all these steps:

  1. Follow our blog or like our facebook fan page. -done!-
  2. For bloggers, write a simple entry entitled "stitchNknot 1st giveaway!" and include giveaway banner and links to this post. For facebook users, share this link on your facebook wall.            -done!-
  3. Answer the following question: Which stitchNknot craft do you like most and why? Example: I like boolat frog handphone pouch because... -done! -                                                                 i like almost every crafts in in stitchNknot..their crafts is super unique,cute,adorable. Tapi yg paling sy suka ialah ketelitian mereka dlm menghasilkan sesuatu kraf. They are very3 talented!!! very jealous of them act...hu6....and if u see their pastry/bakery,it just like real! makes my mouth watered everytime i see them...i keep coming back to their blog cz their blog is soooooooo inspiring! and the latest lomo pouch,OMG...i keep thinking,should i order it or not...hu9......keep up the good work! and i'll be waiting for ur latest new creative creations! =)                                                                                                                    
  4. In your post, give at least 2 comments/suggestions/tips to improve my handmade craft and blog. The more the better. -done!- i don't know what to suggest act cz i think everything is clear for me if i want to order something from them. Maybe u could try something different once in a while like making id card holder [i don't notice it in ur blog,maybe u could make a different version of u..=)] or make pin cushions or maybe seasonal ready made items such as hari raya keychains or christmas hair barette...up to u...will bw looking forward for ur latest craft! >.<                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ok2,,,hadiah2 nya---->Winners will receive:
  • 1st place: hp pouch + hp charm + keychain + mystery gift
  • 2nd place: hp pouch + hp charm + mystery gift
  • 3rd place: tissue pouch + keychain + mystery gift

I will personally choose the 1st and 2nd winners based on your post's contents. The 3rd winner will be decided by a lucky draw. Your post should be in English or Malay. The closing date is 31st July 2011.

cpt2,da nk closing date da nie...hu9 jom2,join ramai2....sape2 yg nk join,KLIK SINI. Thanks for reading! =)


  1. Thanks sebab sudi join our 1st GA!
    Tp tak tinggal link utk entry kan? Nasib baik blogwalking pastu nampak. Kalau x mesti tercicir ^^

  2. eh,really? rsenya da tinggalkn...hu9 xpe2,sy tinggalkn link gk ea....hehe tq sbb notice!!! =)