tempahan jahitan dibuka...kalau ada siapa2 yg nk order,ley laa email saya di sakura_blossom91@yahoo.com... anda akan dilayan dalam masa 24 jam...=)

Thursday, 28 February 2013


It's becoming a trend nowadays! super duper cute to go out with! let's see the choices we have ;)
fancy blue butterfly~ 

blue ocean

sweet pink & cutey orange

cutey orange

flaming fire

flaming fire

sweety pink

can refer size here

sweety pink

INTERESTED???? you can simply email me at sakura_blossom91@yahoo.com or straight away PM me in FB HERE...few stocks only!! GRAB YOURS NOWW!!!! ;)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Lin Handmade Greetings Card January 2013 Blog Giveaway~!!!!

Kak Lin wat GA lagi~!!! SERONOKKK!!! sebab hadiah yang dia nak bagi SANGAT33 CANTIK!!!! serius saya nak! jom kawan2, join GA nie gk! sambil2 tuh boleh laaa cuci mata tgk hasil tangan Kak Lin yang sannnggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt CANTIK!

So,syarat2 GA nie adalah spt berikut =

Promote this giveaway post by copying and pasting the link of this giveaway post to your Blog or Facebook. You can either blog about this giveaway by pasting the photo of the giveaway and the link or just paste the giveaway photo and link at the sidebar of your Blog or paste the link at your Facebook. And then copy and paste the link of where you promoted my giveaway to the Mr Linky section below. Don't forget to write your name there as well. 

Do Follow my blog and LIKE my Facebook Fan Page too! All the best!!! :)

This giveaway starts today till 11.59pm on 31st of January 2013. The name of the winner will be announced during the first week of February 2013. Thank you for participating, I truly appreciate the support ;).

Utk join GA nie,blh klik kat gambar xpun klik SINI.

gudluck and wish me luck too!! *BTW,jgn lupe tau cuci2 mata dgn kad Kak Lin..kalau nak tempah pun sgt3 DIGALAKKAN,serius berbaloi dgn harga yg dibayar! :D *

Thursday, 8 November 2012


fuhhh fuhhh! it all dusty in here...it's been a while since i last updating my blog hihi what to say,tonnes of works to do...:)

i've made a few crafts things but since i'm so busy [really??] i'm likely to forget to update this blog...well these are somes of my handmade :) enjoyyy~ <3

if you like to order more or less the same,or any design of your wish...do not hesitate to email me at sakura_blossom91@yahoo.com

see you very soon [with some upgrading of this blog hopefully ;) ]

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lin Handmade Greeting Cards GA!!

kak lin adlah antara crafter yg paling sy kagum! penah order skali ngan dia,hasilnya sgt3 superb! mmg best laa kalau dpt menang kad nie...ok2,nie syarat2nya kalau nk join :-

1. Anyone can join this giveaway. Blogger, facebooker, twitters.....practically anyone from all over the world. :) -yes!-
2. Just make a post about this giveaway at your blog or at your facebook or at your twitter. If you don't have a blog or facebook or twitter account, then just write your details at the comment box. - DONE!-
3. Write this details at the comment box : 
    - Your full name -DONE!-
    - Your email address -DONE!-
    - The link to your post (if any) -DONE!-

The deadline for this giveaway is on 30th of January 2012. Winners of this giveaway will be picked randomly. I will be making an announcement on 31st of January 2012 to declare the winners. -fuhhh,berdebar nie-

and the gifts are :-

these 2 cute cards!!! i really want dis!!!!!!!!!!  moga2 ada rezeki nak menang =) pray for me guys~ =)

p/s : sape2 yg nk join gk ley KLIK SINI atau klik pada gambar..tq =)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lots of butterfly! =)

Hehe da lame rasanya x update blog nie huhuhu bz dgn study (cewah!) , bz dgn siapkan order org lg...rase mcm x cukup mase 24jam sehari tuh...keh3 jom2,tgk pe yang dibuat sepanjang kebizian yg melanda nie =)

pink zebra! front view

pink zebra nie azira punya =)

foam keychain!! 

back view

keychain heart-shaped lock!

nie bkn gne foam tau,nie gne felt plak hehe

kak ain punya =)

nk nanges jahit nie huhu

s for syazana! ;)

smiley! =)

harus diperbaiki! huhu

bunga utkmu~~

smiley too!!! =)

foam keychain tuh utk special project hehehehe ada 8 semuanya...hehehe actually,byk bnda yg x amek pic pn...huhuhu x sempat...da siap,trus bg owner...x dan nk tgkp pic...huhuhuhu btw,tq 4 reading! =)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

StitchNknot's 2011 Year-End Giveaway!

 i'm excited! i'm excited! i'm excited!

it's another GA from STitchNknot!

Been admiring their work since the first time i saw their blog..  


How to join?
  1. Share this picture on your facebook wall or blog about this giveaway (must include giveaway banner & link to this post) -DONE!-
  2. Fill in a simple questionnaire here -DONE!-
And....that's all! Simple isn't it?

If you decided to both share on facebook and blog about our giveaway, your entry will be counted twice! Also, as a bonus to our precious customers, you too will get an extra entry if you decided to participate! Yayyy! More chances to win for everyone!

Two adorable prizes to be won:
  • 1st place: boolat rabbit phone pouch
  • 2nd place: clover phone pouch

The closing date is on 31st December 2011. Winners will be randomly picked using random.org. We will announce the result on 1st January 2012 on our blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join now!

Note: This giveaway is open to those who live in Malaysia only :)

jom2!! join GA nie ramai2...just klik pada banner atau KLIK SINI. Wish me luck k? =)