tempahan jahitan dibuka...kalau ada siapa2 yg nk order,ley laa email saya di sakura_blossom91@yahoo.com... anda akan dilayan dalam masa 24 jam...=)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

another handmade~~ =)

Sorry azi,1st time wat klip shawl mcm tuh..hehehe quite late i finished doing her order...just a simple clip to wears with shawl....huhuhuhu let's take a look..=)

 i'm using alligator clip...as requested by her...=)

i made a pencil case and a hp charm for myself too! just a little treat to myself....hehehehe

a pencil case with button butterfly...really love it! =)

sila abaikan cik hp tuh...huhuhu just wanna show the butterfly...

gotta study more as exam is 1 week away only! OMG,can I finish reading all the notes?? (=_="") wish me luck for the exam!! =)

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